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Monday, April 14, 2008

Welcome to Acmeous

Hi guys welcome to Acmeous. This is your place to get latest Technology information and updates and much of Web development and Designing techniques. I am a Technologist and Web Developer, thriving to make Web a pleasant and interactive place to be. I wish to make Web the platform for future computing, and also a very fun and enjoyable place for everyone. I am an Usability Engineer and User Interface Designer. I had been working with several Web 2.0 Companies and sharing some of my experiences and knowledge with you here. I am eager to get some suggestions and advice from you, so that I can fulfill my dreams very soon.

I have experience in designing User Interfaces for various Web based Products and Applications. I had been designing graphics since my early ages, when it was just an art for me. Later it became my passion and now its my technology. Ya I designing as a technological view has many aspects of development and efforts. Designing in a simple and interactive manner has always been the most difficult jobs that designers and web developers face every day. i want to be their help, if I can be, so that Designers and developers can avail users valuable platform to explore most complicated operations in the most easiest and simplest way.
Thank you for visiting my Blog.


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