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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Making millions of friends on MySpace automatically in minutes

MySpace, the most popular Social Networking site has been the place of interest for all kinds of people over the internet. And I think the most fun in MySpace is in making friends from all over the world. Taking to them, seeing their Photos, Videos and lots more of fun that people of all ages enjoy at MySpace. Now its a pretty tedious process to find people, go to their profiles fully loaded with graphics, videos, photos and then asking them to add you. Its the most hard work that people do on MySpace.

Now here is an easy solution to your tiresome work. Now you can make friends automatically on MySpace. Just download GlitchCastFriendAdder 1.3. You need to have Perl on your system before you can use it. You can download many Perl systems for your machine as per your Operating System. This has been created by Eric Skiff and you will find the details here. You can contact the author of this script for installation problems or anything else you want.

Note: I have not used it till now and can't say whether it works or not, but many people have said it to be nicely working.


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