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Sunday, May 11, 2008

More results from 26,000 hacked MySpace accounts passwords and emails

Previously I wrote about the most common passwords that people use in their MySpace accounts. Read the article here.
Here are more details about the analysis of those 26,000 Hacked MySpace Account.

MySpace user's Age Analysis

63% of MySpace users are of the age group of 14-17. 24% is of the age group of 18-21, 9% is in 22-30yrs. So you got it ? 63% of MySpace users are teenagers and they are in school just.

E-Mail analysis results:

41% of MySpace users use Yahoo Mail, 24% use Hotmail, 18% use AOL, 5% use AIM, 3% use MSN. What a market share Yahoo has internationally.

Sex Analysis

63% of MySpace users are female while 34% users are male. I don't think thats a real data. Cause many guys are now trying to be females, to get on to other guys. But if this is true, then I don't know how there is so huge difference.

Sex Orientation

84% of MySpace users are straight, 2% are bi.

More on Password Study

Around 4500 have 6 digits, 6500 passwords have 7 digits, 5800 have 8 digits.
87% had password strength of level 2, 9% had level 1, and 4% had level 3.

PayPal Emails and passwords

Ya you heard it right. Many users have been found to use those combination of emails and passwords with PayPal. But don't worry the percentage is only 1%. But that also counts to 260 PayPal accounts.

Note: All information shown here are from http://www.cyber-knowledge.net/blog/2006/10/15/analyzing-26000-myspace-passwords. He has done much study and analysis on MySpace.


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