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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Promote your Blog/Website in Mobiles through Mofuse Pro - Now absolutely free

Having just a Blog or a Website does nothing today. If you want that visitors come to your website and see what you have to offer them, then you will have to promote your blog/website to various other horizons. One type of promotion that you should do now is promoting your web through mobiles and creating mobile accessible sites. Though this requires lots of testing and manipulation, you can do it.

But now you can easily do it through Mofuse. MoFuse, or Mobile Fusion, is a web application that helps you to easily create a mobile version of your blog or website. They provide you with a new web address and a website from your rss feeds, which is totally and easily accessible and readable to mobiles. You can also create static pages for your mobile site. You can customize your mobile site through their AJAX interfaces to change colors and to upload pictures or logo.

Except this you can also monetize your Blog's/Website's mobile version through Google Adsense for Mobile. They allow to show up your Google adsense ads on your mobile site with a revenue share of 50%, which means your mobile site will show Adsense ads with their Adsense Publisher ID 50% of time. This makes a quiet a good sense as they are giving out all these services for free now.

They also provide with some nice cool widgets to promote your mobile site. They have a PHP script to automatically redirect your mobile users to your mobile site. They also provide a cool image link to show up in your site to know your users about your mobile site. Another cool widget sms users your mobile site's link to their mobiles. You can also use a specific domain to your Mofuse Mobile site.

So start promoting your blog and websites to a new horizon and extend your reach through various platforms. This has been a cool concept to come up with for Mofuse, and have been well implemented.


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