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Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to make PhpBB Forums Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

Forums are extensively used as a platform of communication and interaction around the globe. PhpBB has been playing a very important role in developing popular boards and forums. This feature rich free software has many salient utilities which attract webmasters. PhpBB is serving the communities very much satisfactorily.

But PhpBB has not been so much successful in satisfying Webmasters. Webmasters are always found to be bugging with the software, installing several mods(modifications through patches) and trying to have desired features. Customizing PhpBB is not so easy as many other web-based softwares.

You have been noticed that phpBB doesn't provide you with nice parmalinks, that means search engine friendly urls. Their urls are somewhat If you want to have search engine friendly and meaningful url structure in your forum, then you will need to install a mod rewrite. Visit PhpBB SEO to get three types of mod rewrite that you can implement on your forum to achieve SEO urls.

The three types of mods are:
  1. Simple phpBB3 SEO mod Rewrite

  2. Mixed phpBB3 SEO mod Rewrite

  3. Advanced phpBB3 SEO mod Rewrite

According to your efficiency and tech-geek-ness, you can choose which one is suitable for you. After this you will have directory structure urls which are loved by the search engines. PhpBB SEO has really some cool stuffs for your forum which can boost your traffic significantly. So now have some fun with your phpBB forum.


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