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Sunday, November 2, 2008

How to find a friend in Skype easily among a long list of contacts

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Are you mad of searching someone from your big friends list in your Skype Desktop client? You have many friends added in your Skype messenger and so whenever you want to talk to someone you have to find that person among such a long list and that’s frustrating. So here is the trick to find people easily on your Skype Desktop client.

Just open your Skype and click on any of your contacts and then just start typing the name of the friend you are looking for. Now see that Skype has started finding matches to what you tying, maybe by first name or surname or id or even a part of these. That’s the way you can easily get your desired contact just in seconds among a big list of friends. So from now make your Skype experience better and talk more to friends.


Prevent Hair Loss through Provillus said...

That's a helpful tip. I was also irritated of finding a friend in that list.
Thanks for sharing.

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