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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year to all the Visitors of Acmeous

Very warm wishes to you all for the New Year. Wish this year brings more love and happiness to your life and opens up more ways for you towards more success. At the same time I wish you to continually be a part of this Blog as ever. Everybody use to make new resolutions for the coming year to do and maintain several goals and promises. But when I was thinking about what should be really beneficial resolution for my New Year, then I understood that what else can it be other than promising my users more valuable and useful resources on my this Blog.

First of all I will like to thank you everyone who has ever visited my Blog and has been a part of its development. It’s you my reader, who makes me successful and so its all for you. When I see at the past statistics of my Blog I always see lots of day to day contributions of my readers. So whatever is here is just for you and only you. I am here because you are there. So very special Thanks to you all - my readers.

This Blog was never born out of any Business idea or for monetization. When I started blogging I had two thoughts in my mind. One was to help people with the problems I used to face while Web Designing and Development. And another was to make a place for me in the Web. When I look back to the history of this Blog I see that I have came a very little way and have to go long. Still fighting to make the Web a more suitable and usable platform for everyone. My sole aim was to make a very useful platform for everyone but with a difference.

So this year you will be seeing much more useful tips and tricks for you to use and improve. More resources will be added on to my network which I have already planned for and will definitely be helping you more. Something which not only helps you but should really be improving your skills, personas and soul, is my gift for this New Year to all my readers.


Shahil said...

A Very Very Happy New Year to you Acmeous. Thanks for all your wishes.
Its nice to know your thoughts behind this Blog.
Good going.

With warm wishes,

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