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Sunday, April 26, 2009

7 Tips To Protect Your MySpace Account Hacking

Today social networking platform has been very interesting. Ya, both for users and hackers. Being Open Social environment, Social Networking sites had always been a preferred choice for novice hackers to try out some cool, or should I say ugly, hacking techniques. Being in a risk prone media, you are the one who is responsible for your security. So here are some useful guidelines to keep yourself safe across all these.

Always check the Address of the site (URL) where you are logging in: This is absolutely necessary whenever you are not opening MySpace by typing the URL as http://www.myspace.com/.... Specially when you are being redirected to a MySpace Login page, then you must be aware of the page where you are putting your username and password. This is one of the oldest hacking techniques that several people use to try upon novice Internet users. So whenever you are asked to log in to MySpace by any other page, always remember to check the url in the address bar of your browser to verify whether you are really logging in to MySpace only.

Avoid any suspicious link: If you are not much sure then don’t endanger yourself there. You never know how these links can easily do remote installation of keyloggers that will record your keystrokes and inform the hacker about it. Just because your clicked on a possibly harmless link.

Avoid much sensitive information in your Public Profile: If you are making up your profile private with lots of internal information, there are actually numerous ways to find a fault in the privacy measures of these social networking sites and then your information can be in the wrong hands. Better to share your information on more secured media.

Avoid External JavaScript to Run on your Browser: JavaScript is the best choice for Hackers. A single line JavaScript can do a hell lot of things which are not funny at all, including cookie stealing, session sharing and various techniques where Javascript can harm you even before you will ever know.

Strengthen your Password: Is your password is strong enough that you think you may forget it much often? No no, I am not asking you to forget your password. I am trying to know whether it is something that easily relates you. Do not use only numbers or only letters. Use both as a combination in random. A weak password is easily traceable and also don't prefer to have even personal information inside a password.

Avoid downloading files unless You are Sure: Do not download a file (especially. .exe, .rar .zip, .htm or .bat files) unless you surly know about the content inside. Still if you are downloading one, then make sure that you have good anti-virus and anti-spyware software to guard you against any kind of attack, if happens. Do not trust a suspicious downloadable file even if it comes from a friend. He may never know that he has sent it.

Beware of Spams: Social networks like MySpace rely on users to enrich the experience by posting content such as pictures and video (as well as links) and then sharing the content with their contacts. Spam-based social networkers will go to other people's comment threads, for instance, and chime in with links that, if clicked on, will install malware. So beware of that too.

So with these things taken care of, you can expect a better and secure web platform for your social networking.


Anonymous said...

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Mirc said...

Thanks for the useful tips. I am guilty of not following the tip about strong passwords. I usually feel too lazy to come up with a strong password.

OpenCart Templates said...

thanks for your tips. Keep posting like this because you can help a lot to all :)

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