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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gmail Enhances Usability and Simplifies User Experience - Another Great Product Gets Google's Trademark

It was just another regular day of checking my mails on Gmail.
But aahh!!! So is it?
Great, so this time its Gmail. Its now Gmail which is showing the results of all the User Experience studies Google use to do on its products and also on others products. I was really surprised to see that pop-up within my Gmail window which also made me amazed of my web based email system being changed after a bit long time. At the first look it looked to me as the minimalist attitude Google has taken to this which is a kind of regular for Google. But second thought was obviously - Powerful, specially for Contacts.

When you are in your mails, the compose mail link has now been changed into a button, whereas when you are with your address book, the New Contact creation is a button - means buttons are for similar actions where as links are for other tasks; quite justified.

Mail Selection - yea a great step there. Select All, Unread, Read, None and Starred is now more powerful. I always had a kind of doubt on the links that Gmail used to have for these tasks, for whether users feel comfortable with those. But now its a good touch. Loved the change.

Sorting of contacts by last name is also seemed to be a good approach as the standard of Last name, First name is being popular among the population. Enhancing keyboard shortcuts, and Merge contacts adding up to this.

Now you can assign custom labels to phone numbers which gives you the freedom of personalization. Though I am still not much confident about the automatic saving feature, greatly appreciate the Undo feature for recent changes, which can be Google's justification to auto-saving. But still I find the "Save" button disabled and saying "Saved" whenever I make some change and go to click that button - a bit odd to human behavior though it saves a mouse click.


rahul said...

its a nice useful service,i found it so useful,i liked it so much.

Progettazione Grafica said...

Great sharing. Thank you.

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