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Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Time To Act - Join Hands With Japan and Help Millions of Human Being

March 11 2011, 2:46pm JST, Japan: A massive earthquake of magnitude 9.0 hits the northeastern coast of Japan triggering extremely devastative tsunami waves which appeared in Japan just few minutes after the earthquake. This was the largest earthquake to hit Japan in a hundred years.

Warnings, precautions, and evacuations across the Pacific Ocean.

Effect till now: 7,508 people died, 11,700 people are injured or missing, and millions of people are affected by lack of electricity, water and transportation. Northeast Japan devastated. 6 nuclear reactors crippled.

If this is enough for you to react and start acting like a human being, then stretch your supporting arms of brotherhood to Japan who now needs international support to rebuild.

Support millions of people in Japan by donating whatever you can via The American National Red Cross.

You can also donate through Google Crisis Response


plumbing said...

Japan had went through a lot and I think that someday, they'll be able to rise up again. Many stories about how their loved ones lost their lives were told and it was really indeed heart aching.

party bags said...

I believe that Japan can do great things. That's a good thing that all of them should join hands together in order to save millions of lives.

Double Glazing said...

Japan had done a lot of help in different countries in times of their needs. And now, it's time for us to give them back the goodness that they have shared with us. Let us all help the victims of the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan. Even a simple prayer can be a big help for the people who had passed away.

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