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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mobile Phone Optimized Blogger Templates - Make Your Blogger Blog For Mobile Devices

Blogger or Blogspot has introduced several useful Mobile templates which can dynamically change your existing blog into mobile phone optimized site. This is something, I am sure, a big slice of Blogger users were waiting for long. Now they can be relieved to have a very easy way to transform their blogs into mobile compatible websites by just choosing an option to enable it.

How to Turn on Mobile Templates for Blogger Blogs?

You can now easily turn on mobile templates and test your Blogger blogs for mobile compatibility by just changing your Settings.

Settings > Email & Mobile > Show mobile template

As you can see, you can also preview your Blogger blog in mobile devices by just clicking the "Mobile Preview" button. This opens up a new pop-up window which is sized as of an iPhone and your blog is loaded within it with the Mobile Version of your Blogger Blog. So you can get an idea how your Blog will look like in some of the high end phones and Smartphones with relatively bigger screens.

How to choose custom mobile compatible themes for Blogger blogs?

Presently Blogger has not yet introduced the option to choose custom themes for mobile version of your blog. Also no option to edit html or widgets for the mobile compatible site. Maybe that is residing in Google Labs which yet has to show off in sometime.

For Blogger users it is definitely a very practical step to take their existing blog a way ahead on platform independence. Mobile marketing has taken up much leads in today's market which is definitely going to help Bloggers. Previously many Bloggers were taking third party services to transform their blogs to mobile friendly blogs. But now they can do it directly from their Blogger settings anytime.

So carry on Blogger publishers with the new powerful tool of marketing as well as socializing - the mobile.


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