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Monday, May 26, 2008

Google donates 1.5 Million to relief efforts in Myanmar and China

As we got the disastrous news of earthquake in southwest China and Cyclone in Myanmar, Google come out to help the victims with utter consideration. Google not only donated 1.5 million us dollars to the related societies helping the victims out of the disaster, but now urging its Adsense publishers to provide optimum help from their part. Google has projected a help interface for China earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone victims. This enables people to provide their help to the victims easily and fast through Unicef, Direct Relief International, Mercy Corps and Tsinghua Foundation.

This is a very noble act for the human being on the earth. This enhances the feeling of humanity and realizes people of whole world that whatever we are and whatever we do, we are for each other. I hope I would have so much money to help at least 1% of the victims out there, I would had felt much relieved and happy.

So, its a call for all the people out there. Please help the other part of us, to survive and live. Please help who are nothing but just another one like you and me and are suffering from great financial, emotional and relational loss. you can donate those organizations working to help them through Google at
You can also urge your website's visitors to donate through widgets provided by Google, on your website. Add gadget for China or Myanmar (Burma) in your website and encourage other to help mankind.

I wish everyone come out of the disaster very soon and start leading a normal life again, though I know its not so easy.


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