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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reasons to think about your Job

Ask yourself these 8 questions before you are thinking anything about your Job.

1. Do you enjoy your Job?
Working can never be a tension or an engagement. Working should be enjoyable and a place to have fun with your success or even with your stress. But if at any point you think that you are not at all enjoying your Job, but its going to be harder for you to stick on it, Then please don't stick on that. If you are thinking you are just doing a job as per your responsibility, then you are just, making yourself a fool. One day you will be annoyed of yourself and may hurt your near ones as well as yourself also. Don't help stress and tension conquer you, but you conquer them.

2. Are you making satisfactory money?
Ya, it may sound cheap, but its truth. Its a matter of great attention where your life and responsibilities meet together to make you think of something more. Its always a kind of satisfaction and a feeling of security, at least to your dear ones. Here comes the part where you really have to market yourself to your employers and prove yourself to be the best of your Job, whatever it is. If you can make yourself best at your work, you are going to be marketed well and financially strong as well.

3. Whatever you do, is that a necessity to your Company?
Whatever Job you do at your Company, are you the one who making impression of that on the Company? Does you are the one, whom Company can't think without? Thats where your importance and your work's importance matters. Because the work you do will fetch you importance of that level as essential it will be. So think of making your Boss dependent on you, not that he is threatening you always to sack.

4. Are you making a difference?
It means does you make a impact on the Company you are working in. It means how different you are from other employees. How much you mean to your Company and how far the Company can think of without you. Try to be someone whom your Company can't lose at any cost. How many innovative ideas can you think off for your Company in a month? Try to be that person who holds a position in your Company for ideas and business, not only for technical or managerial works.

5. Are you the one who contributes to the Business?
Ya, whatever you think you are never for any other reason rather than just Business, in the Company. If the Company gets something from you that accelerates its Business, then you are a jewel to the Company. But if you are the one who works 12-14 hours a day, solves hundreds of technical problems, manages thousands of employees and goes home to sleep, you are nothing for the Company. ya, its truth. Because the Company is not there to feed you, its there to do Business. So try to improve the Business and as directly as you can.

6. Are your dear ones happy with your Job?
You may be thinking you are doing well with your Job, but believe me its only your near and dear ones know that how much you deserve. You may sometimes under or over estimate yourself. But those who know you well, will not make that mistake so easily and will give your proper assessment for yourself. And believe me its important.

7. Are you getting time?
Its not for working, but its for your friends and family and more for YOU. After all you do everything just to lead a happy life having some fun with your loved ones. If you can't share your success with your family and friends, then thats not a success. Lastly you need some time to think just about yourself. Where life is taking you and how far you are going to fulfill your desires and that of your loved ones. Its all about enjoying your independence and also your responsibilities. So please have some time for yourself also, its the most valuable use of it.

8. How valuable you are outside your Company?
It matter most when you are thinking for a change. If you sometimes think of changing your Job, you have to take on some other opportunities. So you have to think how valuable you are outside your Company so that you are in a good position before you think of leaving your current Job. That you provide you with the guts you need to write your resignation letter and throw it at your Boss.

So what are you thinking about your Job now? You want to quit? Then just take on a paper and write down your resignation right now. And if you are thinking you are in a quite good situation, then just enjoy your work day by day, more and more.


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