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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hacking Orkut - Flood anyone's scrapbook with unlimited scraps

Hi guys, many times you spend much time over Orkut, searching for friends, scraping each other and having fun. Here is one tool that will help your 'Orkuting' very much. If you are trying to scrap anyone more than 1 times (may be 100 times), you can now do it easily and very fast in just one step. This is a simple hack to Orkut's code which enables you with the power to scrap repeatedly in anyone's scrapbook.

Try this Orkut Scrapbook Flooder, as scrap anyone as many as you wish.Try it Now. Follow these steps and it will work easily.

1. Open your friends' profile whom you want to scrap and go to his/her scrapbook.
2. In the scrapbox type whatever you want to scrap. Just type it but don't post it.
3. Copy this line

Paste this line in the address bar(where you type http://www.orkut.com) of your browser, replacing whatever is there.
4. Then hit enter.
All done. You will see that the page is loading again and again. It means the script is posting scraps repeatedly for you.
This is a good way get anyone's attention.

Note: Don't use this Orkut hack to disturb anyone. This has been released just for fun.


1BollywoodHollywood said...

Nice way to flood anyone's scrapbook. Now everyone have to reply after getting so many scraps. Its interesting.
Thanks for sharing.

Acmeous said...

Ya, its interesting technique, but please don't use it to disturb anyone. Otherwise they can easily ban you forever.

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