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Friday, May 9, 2008

Hacking Orkut - Scrap Helper to scrap anyone fast and easily in Firefox

Orkut, one of the most popular Social Networking websites, has raised a storm in the coffee cup of teenagers these days. Though Orkut has been also popular among smugglers and drug dealers (some also include terrorists), it has been a place to hang out for the youth. One of its attracting features is scrapping. You can scrap anyone in their scarpbook, to tell them something and to connect to them in Orkut. All the scraps listed on an user's profile are visible to everyone. But this is much tedious and with much click-throughs.

Firefox now brings a cool and interesting solution to fast and easy scrapping in Orkut. Firefox brings an add-on for its browser, through which you can scrap anyone easily and in no time from your scrapbook. You will not need to go to their scrapbook anymore to scarp them.

You can find the add-on here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2579. Download this add-on and install it in your Firefox and now scrap anyone more and much more easily. Very much useful during conversation and chatting in scarpbooks.

Tell me what do you think about this add-on from Firefox.


1BollywoodHollywood said...

Nice find, great tool. And thanks to Mozilla team also. It gives more fun out of Orkut. Thanks for sharing.

Acmeous said...

Ya its a nice add-on, only you have to use Firefox, a pretty good browser. It really saves much time while you are Orkuting.

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