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Friday, June 27, 2008

MySpace Changes its Designing Look and Feel

I always had issues with MySpace looks. Though its obviously very easy and in your face type designing that MySpace had been till now, but its new looks have a cool effect which adds to MySpace reputation. I must say, MySpace is now looking real Web 2.0. The home page slide show is also very attracting and inviting to new users. The navigation at the top, after the header give a very well planned and concise look, which groups some alike menus.

I think they will also be updating the inner pages, as they are still same as before, and not at all goes with the current theme. By this time MySpace has also added cool themes for your profiles which are quite descent but still beautiful. This is a very new step forward for MySpace.

You may be thinking how much cool is it to change your well established brand identity like this. Actually what MySpace have at this point is millions of users and a brand name "MySpace". The branding identity for MySpace is the name, then somewhat is the look and feel. Many users don't even remember MySpace's original looks, as their profile looks so jazzy and thundering, that they remember that only. So here MySpace not only had the brand with their design, but with their name and services. And still they have left their Logo same, which will help users to identify their own old space in the Internet.

So, if you are thinking that in the morning I opened my old url and it took me to an unknown site, depicting them as MySpace, then relax, you are in your old space, just in a new model and decoration. So don't feel insecure or untrustworthy. Its the old MySpace that came to you in new covers.


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