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Sunday, June 8, 2008

How to Find MySpace Friend ID of Your Profile

MySpace manages its users through unique Friend ID, which is provided when you sign up to MySpace. This unique MySpace Id helps you to identify your profile and this also sets your primary MySpace url. Every users in MySpace has an unique Id and the users is known to MySpace by this Id. This id is called MySpace Friend Id.

Your MySpace Friend ID
You can find out this unique Id for your profile easily. This id is not shown in the profile or in your settings page. It is shown in the url only. Just go your profile page, lookout at the url you see in the address bar of your browser. You will see an url ending with &friendid=xxxxxxxxx. That is you unique friend id for MySpace. The numbers after the "&frinedid=" id your friend id and you are known to MySpace through that id.


1BollywoodHollywood said...

Thanks man, I was searching for my Profile Friend ID and found it nowhere in my page.

Kalyani said...

Hi boss
Your article is of great help. I was searching for this profile ID and you have helped me with an ease.


Acmeous said...

Nice to see that it helped.

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