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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Benefits of CSS based sites over Table based sites

There are lots of benefits in creating CSS based sites than table based sites. Always you may have heard the terms like tableless designs, CSS based sites etc. But if you have always thought that why you should leave your table based designs and take upon tableless designs, then here are the explanations to your thoughts. The key benefits to CSS based sites on tabled sites are:

  • Using CSS, sites have a code reduction of around 1/5th of what it was while using tables.

  • The site's code is now fully semantic i.e it is not only understandable to human but also to machines which search engines love.

  • Using CSS, the text to code ratio is reduced up to around 40-50%, whereas using table it was around 11%.

  • Reduction in code results in fast loading of pages helping users to browse the site easily and satisfactorily. This also reduces the bandwidth consumption.

  • CSS codes are validated against XHTML Strict and AAA compliancy, ensuring consistence of the site in different platforms of operating systems and browsers.

  • Changing the way of using JavaScripts to use of CSS and HTML improved the site's crawl for search engine spiders, who cannot understand JavaScript based dynamic codes.

  • Removal of stylish flash titles and banners, with search engine friendly attractive JavaScript and CSS titles and banners.

Thus these helped users as well with fast loading and properly displaying sites, with easy understanding of content placement. This also helped search engine spiders to crawl sites and love them as well.

There are also some demerits of using CSS based sites. You have to do some cross-browser compatibility tests and fixes. But overall it gives you more control and benefits than tabled designs. So start designing CSS based HTML sites, rather than table based sites.


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