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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Make Money by sharing your photos online

You can now make money by sharing your photos to anyone and anywhere. Its very easy and trustworthy serivce provided by ShareAPic. ShareAPic enables you to make online photo galleries and then share it to everyone through any media. As much as your photos are viewed, you get paid for it. You just need to create galleries and upload photos. Then you start sharing your photos in forums, social networks and through any other interactions that you do over the Internet.

This is a very easy to use revenue generating program which provides you genuine income online, even when you are sleeping. You just have to upload photos and share them. They provide a easy to use interface to upload multiple photos and even an desktop based upload manager software for very easy uploading of photos. They also have in-built option to easily share your photos with Facebook, Orkut and many others. They also provides attractive RSS widgets to help you show up your gallery listing in your sites. Very easy to use and very comfortable to market.

Besides this they have referral policy in which they gives you 20% of your downline's earnings for ever. This is also a very good procedure, which helps you when you also promote your referrals and make money even if you don't work much.

Another interesting feature of ShareAPic is that, they advertise on your photo galleries with Bidvertiser, but with your account id. Which means as visitors views your photos, you get earnings from Bidvertiser also. So if you don't have a Bidvertiser account, you can sign up here easily, its free. It means you get earnings from two ways side by side. You get paid by ShareAPic as well as Bidvertiser.

If you have a Blog or a site, you can also show up your photos from ShareAPic and make money whenever users visit your Blogs or sites and visits those images. Thats also a great way of monetizing your Blogs and sites. They make payments through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account you can make free PayPal account at http://www.PayPal.com

So, what are you thinking about. Just make a free ShareAPic account here, upload photos, share and make money.


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