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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Creating .htaccess in Windows - Renaming a File With No Filename

For having anything on the web we need .htaccess file for full control on our servers and folders. But who are using Windows, you always have found much trouble in renaming a file to .htaccess. Windows gives an error that file can't be renamed as it has no file name. It only consists the extension. Windows doesn't support this type of files. But in Linux you can easily do it.

So, now for windows users I have a solution for you. You can easily do it from your command prompt. Just run your command prompt, go to your directory, then type the following command.

ren .htaccess
Here replace with the name of the file you are trying to rename. Now you can easily have a .htaccess file in your Windows directory. Similarly you can create any file with any extension and any filename, even without filename or extension.

By the way, a file with filename starting with a '.' in Linux, is always a hidden file.


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