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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yahoo Filters are Not Working - You Are Loosing Your Mails

Ya, its right. Yahoo! has a mail filtering option, through which they say that you can take different decisions on your mails as per your choice. You can move different mails from different addresses to different folders, you can forward some mails. You can filter them on basis of sender address or subject, or even through content. Thats all they say. But recently this feature is not available with the new Yahoo! mail and they request to access that interface through their old Yahoo mail Classic. But they assure that any changes made there effects on new mail system also.

But it happened to be a shock to me when I found my favorite web mail going wrong. I was not receiving some mails from some addresses. Later on I found out that those addresses were filtered by me to come on to separate folders. Yahoo! filters were not working at that time and I lost some mails. That was a very rare case with Yahoo! and may be Yahoo! going on with some problems right now, but it has it. Thats not a well impression with a 6 year old customer. But still I may say that I am much happy with Yahoo! Mail since last 6 years. But you better clear some filters for few days, thats for your security, playing on the safe side.


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